Spear-fisherman use it to protect their speargun rubbers and keep them supple. Most O-rings are made from synthetic rubbers. In the above chart you can see that a lubricant is made of mostly base oil (mineral or synthetic) with a thickener (fatty acid plus a soap alkali) to hold the base oil and additive package (usually graphite/molybdenum to improve temperature stability, performance under extreme pressure etc.) together. Mineral oil lubricants are used when there is a constant running temperature. It involves the use of lime soda or lime to increase the stream’s pH, which removes the mineral constituents from the solution. 5. If you should use a spray can or silicone gel grease for application to rubber connections? Upon reassembly 100% silicone lube is used to seal and protect everything and make it easier to put together. A fire extinguisher is a container/device that can be used to put out or reduce small fires.

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Minor sore throat – mixing a small amount of salt in some warm water and gargling will ease the pain of a sore throat. A small amount added to the soaking water of beans will hasten the softening and cooking processes and reduce the beans’ propensity to cause flatulence in the eater. Graphite or Molybdenum might be added to increase stability under high temp and pressure. Sodium best for high temp bearings. Calcium for low temp bearings and bearings with water nearby (pumps). If, after it dries and there is a line of residue, I just go and spray over with water. Cold season can cause a big problem in your pipes and water line. Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires in the United States. Water and oil don’t mix, and throwing water on a grease fire can even cause the fire to spread. But if an o-ring is made from, nitrile, for example (a material used in car fuel and oil lines) then there is no problem using petroleum grease to lubricate the o-ring. Food grade silicone lubricants are approved for safe use in equipment and parts that may have contact with food in production, processing, packaging, transportation, and even the manufacturing equipment that makes the food packaging and does the bottling and canning should be using food grade silicone lubricant.

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Typical applications are in computer rooms, telecommunications facilities, cleanrooms, data storage areas and offices to help protect sensitive electronic equipment. It is also used during pump repair and assembly to help install the unloader valve. When watchmakers or tinkerers are putting together the watch, silicone grease is used on the gaskets to aid reassembly and help prevent them tearing. Divers use silicone grease to seal and protect dry suit gaskets. Be safe, use silicone grease on your o-rings and rubber seals in pressure washer wands, hoses and pumps. What’s the point of the drip oil silicone lubricant? The base silicone oil most commonly used in silicone greasing gel is polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Avoid the spray can silicone lubricant varieties. Silicone lubricant is so common in plumbing that it is often just called plumber’s grease. Lithium is most common and used for bearings. A conveyor belt pulley’s bearings operating in extreme heat in Australia will require different lubrication than if it was in extreme cold in Northern Canada.

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Consistency. Ranging from fluid (canola oil) to normal grease (peanut butter) all the way to solid (cheese), the National Lubrication Grease Institute (NLGI) has a classification charts for grease consistency. Getting the lubrication to where it is needed and having it not leak out is critical – so a greases consistency is important during selection. After having turned off the stove wait for the pan to cool down, leave the lid closed for at least 15 minutes in order to allow temperature to decrease, thus taking away one of the fire factors listed above. Cover the pan/pot: Cover the pot/pan you’re using with a metal lid. Most people realize that they are sacrificing flavor for convenience when they move from using charcoal to using gas barbecues. There are different lubricant grease types for different purposes. What is a lubricant made of? The solution is: Use silicone lubricant for o-rings and seals to be safe.

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